Ava Arvest is a cultivator, musician, artist, and business owner. She has been cultivating fungi since 2011. Her focus is in medicine for community and individuals. Curious about the micro and macro relationships between fungi and their commonalities between humans. She is intent upon providing access to all those curious for tools that lead to profound individual growth and community health relating to working with fungi and the environment.

Ava will be leading the course in:

Myco-Emotional Remediation : Cultivating the Toxic Narrative

Fungi entice those who are interested in mind expanding concepts or remediation. Remediation implies the cleansing of an environment. Potentially the most toxic, and influential of all are the unaddressed emotional environments we operate within. If we examine the Narrative within Mycological communities what do we see? Have we disguised toxicity as decoration that underlies our passive participation in a corrupt system. Who came before us to do this work and why have they gone unmentioned? Let’s explore the culture and history of fungi to complete a tool-set that we can use to sequester these vectors for contamination.