Charlie Aller, aka Charliceps, is a nature lover, myco-freak and co-founder of Mush Luv. 6 years ago, after hitting rock bottom, his myco-phobic cultural conditioning was weakened just enough for a wandering spore to germinate. Once the fungus took root the decomposition could commence, and Charlie has been myceliated ever since. The Queendom Fungi has led him to foraging, identification, growing, communicating, and working in collaboration with humans and other species for the growth of a bio-centric culture. Sharing the lessons that allies across the kingdoms have gifted to him is his passion and charge. Mush Luv, founded in 2017 with Nina O’Malley, is helping bring the healing power of fungi to people through fresh mushrooms, medicinals, and educational programs.

Gardening with Mushrooms

Learn some low tek outdoor methods for growing mushrooms that anyone can use! We'll focus on planting in containers and on the soil in a garden setting.