Leif Olson is an interdisciplinary environmental scientist and practitioner who works to connect the understanding and implementation, ecological function, environmental health, and human need. He received his bachelor's degree in ecology from the University of California at Santa Cruz in 2011 and his Master's in ecotoxicology from Duke University in 2016. He has worked and performed research in the fields of mycology, wetland science, environmental chemistry, community ecology, landscape design and sustainable agriculture. He is the founder of Integrated Land Enhancement, a company dedicated to improving landscape health by understanding and leveraging the properties of nature. Currently he is involved in performing and facilitating research with universities, private companies and municipalities.

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Fungi in Environmental Restoration and Remediation

From breaking down toxic contaminants, to enhancing plant immune systems, to making soil richer and more accommodating for life, fungi play many crucial roles in helping the landscape. How can we as citizens take this knowledge and put it into practice to help the ecosystems near and dear to us? Learn about the scientific concepts at play in “Mycoremediation”, how and why fungi heal our environment, and how to practically incorporate fungi into land management. Considerations will be made towards partnering with institutions, understanding the scientific validity of projects and having realistic expectations for implementing a promising but unproven science. There’s so much more to fungi than mushrooms, so come get hyphae!