Jon Martin is a Florida mycologist focused on mushroom identification, cultivation, cooking and photography. Through relatable, practical, and witty ways of teaching, he inspires others to explore the world of mycology and observe nature intentionally. From their significant role in an ecosystem, to their beauty and seemingly endless potential, Jon is inspired by mushrooms and spends as much time as possible out in nature getting to know their many forms.

As a community mycologist, he leads educational mushroom hikes, instructs workshops at various locations including REI, Leu Gardens, Mead Gardens, and others, as well as conducts periodic fungi surveys on designated properties. He records data for local parks and mycologists, captures beautiful photographs of mushrooms, and makes specimen contributions to mycology research. He is also a foray leader and trusted identifier with the Florida Academic Lichen & Fungi Enthusiasts League (FALAFEL) based out of the University of Florida.

His passions extend beyond field work and into the kitchen where he crafts mushroom-infused superfoods such as Gaia Granola, sold through his business Fungi Jon LLC. He also enjoys making tempeh, kombucha, and other fermented fungal foods.

His talk will be based on:

Mushrooms of Florida

Join central Florida mycologist Jon Martin in a photo foray showcasing beautiful Florida mushrooms! Along the way, you’ll learn species taxonomy & identification features, professional photography techniques, and more. Get to know subtropical species and learn how to capture amazing mushroom photos!