Nica is an artist and educator working at the intersection of biological design, social justice, farming and textile creation – exploring handcraft from farm to fabric and from soil to soil. She is the Founder and Creative Director of Fiberhouse Collective. Her practice is rooted in the restorative properties of natural dyes and locally foraged, found, and farmed materials. Nica has taught workshops through Textile Arts Center, the Rockefeller University, Parsons School of Design, New York University (NYU), Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), Genspace, and the annual Maker Faire. She was a resident at Icelandic Textile Center and is a Succurro fellow. Nica can be found crafting and cultivating in her Brooklyn based studio.

Nica will be leading a hands on class!

MycoPaper: Making Handmade Paper with Mushrooms

Using foraged polypore fungi participants will learn DIY paper making techniques. Participants will walk away with a myco paper zine that clearly illustrates the process in addition to learning how to find, and ethically forage, for paper-friendly mushrooms.