Samantha Eff is a naturalist, a teacher, an artist, a forager, a mushroom and plant nerd, and a constant student of all of the wonders of the forest. She is the owner operator of a small mushroom growing and foraging business in Baltimore, Maryland called The Mushroomworks. This connection with the forest has lead to a rebirth of her mind, body, and spirit, and she wants nothing more than to spread that joy.

She has taught both low tech and traditional mushroom growing techniques, edible mushroom identification, weed walks, botanical illustration of mushrooms, spore print art, and natural dyeing. When not walking in the woods, she can be found teaching art in Baltimore, or kicking around her mini-homestead with her partner, son, and two dogs.

Join Sam and venture into the wonderful world of natural dyes!

Mushroom, Lichen, and Natural Dyes

The world is full of color, and as humans, we are constantly trying to capture that color. In this class I want to take us back to the way that dyeing used to be done, with a little help from some modern kitchen staples. We will talk about the process of small scale dyeing, what type of equipment is needed, and how to have success using the things you find during your walks in the woods. It’s an experimental approach to the ever changing and endless possibilities of natural color.