Sunny has a background in public health research and health care administration but found her true calling in working intimately with nature while supporting local food and justice oriented communities. She, with her Lagotto Romagnolo Stella, hunts truffles professionally from November through April in the great Pacific Northwest. Her summer and early fall months are spent reforesting pastures, making wild plant medicines, and developing her 5-acre microfarm near Seattle into a thriving ecosystem that will host educational workshops, events, pop-up dinners, and retreats of all kinds.

Find Sunny on Saturday when she will be leading a class on:

Demystifying Truffles

The talk will cover the main ecological, economic, and culinary aspects of both wild and cultivated truffles. Learn about ethical and sustainable harvesting methods, pitfalls to avoid, market considerations, and how to get the most bang for your buck when splurging for these wondrous delicacies.